Our operating principles

We are committed to operating in a safe and environmentally friendly way

The port company’s staff are committed to developing and improving the port’s supply of services in line with its plan of action, vision and strategy.

Based on the objectives set and the legislation in force, the starting point is to maintain an environmentally friendly level of quality that reflects customers’ needs and makes the port increasingly competitive. This means:

  • developing the port’s operations in cooperation with customers, the authorities and partners.
  • performing and providing the services to which the port has committed itself through its operational criteria and carrying out its tasks in a specified manner with regard to efficiency, reliability, safety and the environment.
  • continuously training and encouraging our staff and the organisation to develop in such a way that the necessary resources and know-how are available to maintain quality and competitiveness.
  • openly informing staff, customers, authorities, stakeholders and the public about the port’s activities.
  • ensuring the safety of our staff in the working environment on the basis of a realistic risk assessment.
  • continuously measuring the quality and competitiveness of our operations through customer feedback, discrepancy reports, benchmarking, financial monitoring and internal audits.
  • proactively preparing to minimise disruptions, threats and risks.
  • preventing pollution through continuous improvement, and
  • complying with environmental legislation and requirements (environmental permit) and acting in accordance with them.

An evolving and secure port

  • We are committed to developing the port’s operations in cooperation with our customers, the authorities and our partners.
  • We continuously measure quality and our competitiveness through customer feedback, internal audits and financial monitoring.
  • The port of Kalajoki has two international certificates governing the operation of the port: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. ISO 9001 is the world’s best-known standard and the most used management model, which is based on the philosophy of continuous improvement. The ISO 14001 environmental certificate shows that the company or organization meets the requirements of the environmental standard.