Approach and entry

Instructions for arriving and moving about the port

The Port of Kalajoki is located only about four kilometres from Main Road 8, which ensures smooth road transport. Kokkola and Oulu airports are also nearby: Kokkola airport is 90 km and Oulu airport 130 km away.

See the map of the Port of Kalajoki area.

Please read the instructions below before entering the port.  Read more about safety instructions on dangerous goods, the ISPS Code and opening and closing hatches in the Safety section.

Instructions for inward vessels

  • The Port of Kalajoki is a coastal sea port with one fairway leading to it.
  • The port can berth four vessels at a time.
  • The quay is 550 metres long.
  • Maximum vessel size: The maximum draught is 8.5 metres, the maximum length 180 metres and the maximum beam 32 metres.
  • Round-the-clock pilotage services ensure that ships can enter and leave the port safely.



  • A safety vest and a safety helmet are minimum safety gear requirements for everyone in the port area.
  • Contractors are required to submit a list of their employees working in the port area to the Port Office or Control Room. Read more: Access permits and visitor notices
  • Please avoid moving around the port area unnecessarily.
  • Photography in the port area is only allowed with the permission of the Port Office.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the storage areas.
  • Rubbish and other waste must be taken to the sorting points at the waste station located next to the quay ramp. Read more: Waste management

Vehicles and machinery

  • Beware of moving vehicles in the port area.
  • Cars must be parked in the parking zone.
  • The speed limits indicated on the traffic signs must be observed in the area. The maximum speed limit in the port area is 30 kilometres per hour.
  • Machinery must display flashing lights at all times.
  • Vehicles must use flashing roof lights.
  • Hot-work permits are granted by Port Service.


  • There is recording CCTV surveillance in the area.
  • Gate 1 has an access control system.
  • ISPS-compliant surveillance and security are in place 24/7.
  • Access permits and gate codes are issued by the ISPS Control Room.
  • Everyone working in the port area are under own-check obligation: all trespassing individuals and vehicles must immediately be reported to Security +358 (0)400 798 698