Access permits and visitor notices

Get your access permits sorted before entering the port

You will always need an access permit to enter and move about the Port of Kalajoki area. Before entering the port area and when applying for an access permit, please also read the Port of Kalajoki’s safety regulations and instructions in the Pro24 system.

Security check

Don’t forget to fill in the electronic security check in advance before entering the port area for the first time. The check takes about five minutes to complete and is valid immediately. Once you have completed the check, you will receive a confirmation email.

Fill in the security check in the Pro24 system.

Temporary access permit

All employees and contractors working temporarily in the port area must have a temporary access permit. A temporary access permit is granted for a maximum of three (3) months per calendar year. If a worker needs a permit for a longer period, their employer must apply for a non-fixed term access permit for them.

Apply for a temporary access permit using the Pro24 system.

Non-fixed term access permit

Apply for a non-fixed term access permit if your company or employees will be working in the port area for more than three (3) months.

Apply for non-fixed term access permit using the Pro24 system.

Visitor access permit

If you intend to bring third-party visitors to the port area, please remember to fill in a separate visitor notification, i.e. a visitor access permit form.

Fill in the visitor access permit form using the Pro24 system.