Port Information FIKJO (ID: 11827)

Relevant charts
BA 2252, BA3062
Finnish charts; 957, 3 (Gulf of Botnia), 53

Ulkokalla Lighthouse (64*19.88´N 23*26.75´E)

Approach and entry
One fairway enters to Port Of Kalajoki, fairway depth is 8,5m

In all fairways and at the quays, the waterdepth is between 1 and 2 meter more than the maximum per missible draught shown in the charts. There is no tide in the port, but the waterlevel varies between +100 cm/-50 cm depending on the weather conditions.

Maximum size of a ship
Max draught 8,5 m, max length ca. 175 m, max width 30 meter.

Maximum speed in the port area is 7 knots.

The water density in the port is 1,002

Compulsory and available throughout 24 hours. Pilot boards at position N 64 16,00 / 23 30,00 E. Pilot on VHF Channel 16. Distance to port 12 Nm. Inward vessels or their agent make an advance notification 24 and 6 hours before arrival and the pilotorder 3 hours before arrival by email, fax or phone.

E-mail: pilotorder.west@finnpilot.fi
Tel: +358 20754 6153
Fax: +358 20754 6163
Internet: www.pilotorder.fi

Outward vessels order the pilot 2 hours before departure.

Mooringmen are available on telephone number +358(0)400-798 698 or on VHF CH 12.
Vessels calling the port are obliged to use mooringmen

Towage and tugs
Rahjan Huolinta Oy Phone: +358 400 667 847 24 hrs
Email: agency@rahjanhuolinta.fi
R-Towing Oy Phone: +358 400 382 652 24 hrs
Email: toimisto@r-towing.fi
Internet: www.r-towing.fi

All kind of bunkers delivered by truck. Fresh water, provisions, electricity available Ordering possible through the agent.

Slop reception
Dirty ballast water, slops from tank washing, sludge, oily mixtures as per agreement by a road tanker Ordering and service through the agent.

Area and facilities of the port

The size of the harbour is 54 hectares. The depth of the fairway and the port basin is 8.5 metres. The length of the quay is 415 metres and can berth 3 vessels at any one time. There is 40,000 m2 covered storage available at the open storage area. Kalajoen Satama Oy owns most of the harbour area and facilities and has leased them to the companies operating in the port.

Within a very close distance there are business’s involved in recycling as well as the manufacturing of steel components.